You ever catch your running off scenario’s in your head due to the possibility of a future outcome. ie: you might have a kid with a chick

Maybe it just me and the way my mind works but I think of so many scenario’s and even play them out like how would i go about things and so many different other things that go through my brain. It’s so weird to me and then again it makes me think about why I would even think about these un-real (there’s  a word I was trying to think of but couldn’t) situations. The mind is such an amazing thing but it has it’s moments where it pisses me off. 

end rant/


I crave that feeling of having a female want me like I want her & I’m not sure if crave is the right word. Maybe desire? All those words seem like strong to me but its something I want.

For the first time ever or first time to my knowledge I had a girl ask about me and I was shocked cause it never happens. (Trust me ever) that shit felt good. As you can tell that night I was feeling myself after I found that out. But it honestly is a good feeling knowing someone is either attracted to you or wants to get to know you.

I’m just the guy that wants that regular girl that I text and send her something real dirty and she just laughs it off but shows up at my door later cause she knows what’s up.

I live in my own reality (fantasy)


My mood changes as quickly as my generation’s opinions changes on everything


I got a chance to attend the Sole Exchange NYC at the Pavilion. My first sneaker convention and I was amazed at how big the sneaker community is. There were so many generation of sneaker heads, kids smaller then me with bags of sneaks. (these kids have some wealthy ass parents cause they had more then I assume a kid could afford) It was a good time, I had a blast with my peoples. Can’t wait for the next one.


I never understood why guys would be ashamed of the females they had sex with. Like you made a conscience decision (unless you were drunk) to have sex with that person so why be ashamed.

When it comes to the people I have sex with, my business is my business and the only way you would know if I had sex with anyone is if that person tells you. Other then that if you ask me I’m pretty upfront and will tell you but I’ve never bragged or been openly talkative about my “business”.

I never understood why females are so judgmental on who you might be fucking. Even when they wouldn’t even fuck you. I guess people just love being judgmental and in everyone else business. As they say everyone has an opinion.


Just learned about Robin Meade today. A little bit in love with her. She’s just so sexy. And do you see that smile.



You ever get tired of liking certain women, and finally want someone to like you for a change?

-My Daily Thoughts

^^ my thoughts exactly, I vibe with you on this 

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Infinity Piece w/ Flyknits

Still on my radar.

This will be a purchase in the near future.

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